Realise ideas with ease

Today's standard is to build like our grandfathers.

Constructions are built for the next  50 or 100 years. In the planning you can overview only the next 10 years, if at all possible. The results of this discrepancy are "inflexible rigid heavy superstructures, incorrect plannings and inefficiency".

SelfCare Building creates the flexibility we want in many applications.

SelfCare Building develops flexible, lightweight system solutions in modular construction.

  • For pioneering innovations we bank on creativity.
  • The motivation to create new things.
  • The knowledge about current technical possibilities.
  • The usage and mastery of new technologies.
  • The development of optimal combinations.
  • Modular industrial production instead of construction site.
  • System solutions through material mix and assemblies.
  • Focus on flexibility and profitability.
  • A good team with experience and expertise.

The simple cognition:


Our building materials and solutions can be used in an incredible number of areas.

You have a problem / task? - Come and join us. We like to work on it or already know the solution.

Modern lightweight construction:


  • Our objectives are profitability.
  • Flexibility in size and use.
  • Quality and durability.
  • The use of advantages of modern building materials, also in their combination for a variety of applications.

Creation of new opportunities:


  • higher loading capacity
  • faster construction of building surface
  • more cost-effective facade design including insulation
  • cost advantages through industrial production

Unique product benefits:


  • extreme strength / load limits
  • weight savings
  • modular construction
  • in many cases easy disassembly
  • also retroactive adaptation to changed capacity needs

Assured product characteristics:


That which is necessary for the system solution - never less!

  • fire protection - hardly inflammable
  • insulation - different heat classes
  • moisture-resistant according to customer requirements
  • enormous resilience
  • service life tested
  • odorless
  • patented connecting elements
  • modular elements
  • fast assembly and disassembly
  • storm safety tested up to 260 km/h
  • earthquake resistance at houses
  • building construction possible in various thicknesses
  • multi-walled construction is easily possible
  • easy construction of tents and houses
  • lightweight composite versions with buildings
  • formation of house chains possible
  • cost-effective bullet resistance
  • protection against eavesdropping of room elements

Strategic advantages for the user:


The use of SelfCare Building system solutions

  • offers you countless application variants
  • is easy to develop further
  • worldwide an inexhaustible product requirement
  • long product lifecycle
  • puts you in an excellent market position
  • brings you a cash cow in the product portfolio
  • strengthens you as a technically leading company
  • brings you out of the comparability
  • stabilizes your corporate earnings
  • offers you incredible competitive advantages
  • assures your company's future