previous projects and applications

specially designed system solutions with application utility to the customers

Here are some examples:



  • quickly assemblable and demountable modular components
  • light weight
  • lower transport costs
  • small assembly costs
  • small construction site
  • fast object usage

Insulation elements


  • panel for industrial halls and trapezoidal sheet cladding
  • thermal insulation according to customer specifications
  • light construction
  • high product life

Vehicle construction - truck


  • the saving of weight allows a higher payload
  • increase of the economy of the vehicle
  • quick assembly decrease assembly costs

Container construction


  • wall elements for the container construction
  • weight reduction for more payload
  • increase of profitability
  • very stable design

Bottoms for cold storage houses


  • replacement for the chipboard
  • draws no moisture
  • withstand the burdens

Fair construction


  • floors and walls
  • optics are freely selectable
  • weight savings
  • modular elements
  • patented connect elements
  • fast assembly and disassembly
  • robust construction

House construction


  • high-quality equipment
  • very cost-effective construction
  • single-storey construction
  • flexibility in room layout
  • including complete installation
  • including sanitary equipment
  • free choice of optics
  • access to various standard models
  • an individual interpretation is possible
  • prefabricated modular components
  • rapid assembly
  • a construction site crane is not necessary
  • small construction site
  • fast usability
  • specific solutions for third countries

House facades


  • including insulation panels
  • insulation degree according to customer requirements
  • not the usual strong wall structure
  • no increased risk of fire
  • free choice of optics
  • more favorable metal surfaces possible



  • special solutions for hospitals
  • solutions for a small hospital
  • high-quality equipment
  • hygiene advantages
  • partition walls for room layout
  • system solutions for third countries

Furniture construction


  • modular components
  • weight saving
  • surface freely selectable
  • high load capacity / stability



  • bottom plates with extreme load capacity
  • protective enclosures
  • buildings or container for machines
  • explosion protection
  • crate packagings
  • lightweight construction in stable design
  • rapid construction option
  • disassembly - if desired

Floor for tents


  • military - approval of the Bundeswehr existent
  • robust tent floors
  • quick assembly and disassembly possible
  • insulating floor
  • antistatic
  • heatable



  • quick assembly and dismounting possible
  • dust protection included
  • bullet resistance

Floors for ski gondolas


  • weight reduction by lightweight design
  • anti-slip floor
  • robust stable design

Fish breeding tanks


  • cost-effective alternative
  • more favorable transport costs
  • rapid assembly
  • saltwater resistant coating